Note: This recommendation is specific to people in the Netherlands. Below is quite a technical explanation, however, you can ask for a quote from one of our installation partners, and they will assess your situation and provide you with the optimal solution. In that case, you don't need to understand all of the following. It is common to have 1 or 3 phase connection. You can recognize three phase by looking at the lower section of your distribution panel. Here you see either 3 side-by-side switches or round ceramic fuses. If it only has a single fuse or switch, you have 1 phase. It's optimal to have 3 phase for EV charging if your EV supports 3-phase. Your local utility (Enexis, Liander, Stedin, etc.) can upgrade this to 3-phase upon your request, some of your distribution panel needs to be re-wired, but this is something an electrician knows how to do. With 3 phase and 25 Amps fuses, you'll have a limit of 17 kW (230V * 3 phase * 25 A) if all phases are used equally. In reality there's some imbalance. If you have a vehicle that only charges single phase or you connect a single phase charger, the duration of charging can be many hours if you have 25A fuses. If you wish to shorten this, asking for an increase to 35 Amps or 80 Amps (instead of 25A) is an option. 80 Amps is not commonly seen in residential environments, but many businesses do have this. It's valuable if the charger measures the net consumption at the grid consumption point, since this will avoid tripping any fuses because of an excessive power draw (beyond what the fuses allow). Most EV chargers, including the Alfen Eve that we commonly recommend, are capable of reading the net consumption for each individual phase and adjust the maximum allowed charging current accordingly. Smart charging by Stekker will limit the power further, but will not interfere with this local smart charging. Stekker will figure out what the maximum charging speed is for the combination of your vehicle and charger, including the available phases.

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