Wallbox offers a great family of chargers ranging from affordable home chargers to business line chargers and even an innovative V2G charger.

Supported chargers


Copper SB

Commander 2




Wallbox Quasar | De eerste bidirectionele lader voor thuis


Known limitations

  • Stekker can communicate with your Wallbox if the charger is connected to
    E-Flux using OCPP.

  • Wallbox does not allow Stekker to reduce charging to zero. This means charging
    will be limited by Stekker to 5 kW during less attractive periods.

  • The Pulsar and Pulsar Plus have a limited Wifi range and don't support alternative connections. Before you start smart charging please check if the connection to the charger is stable. If you experience problems with your Wallbox wifi connection you could:

    • Make sure your Wallbox is running the latest firmware.

    • Consider boosting the signal using a WiFi extender close to the charger.

    • Follow the troubleshooting guide at Wallbox support.

  • The Pulsar and Pulsar Plus support a maximum of 1 vehicle smart charging using Plug & charge and Stekker. These chargers don't support the use of a charging card (RFID) which is needed for Stekker to identify the vehicle charging if multiple vehicles are being used by the same charger.

Why would I connect my charger to Stekker?

  1. If your vehicle is not compatible

    If we are unable to connect to your vehicle or charge your vehicle using the vehicle. You can find out if your car is supported here.

    By connecting your Wallbox to Stekker we can smart charge through your charger.

  2. If you would like to use automatic smart charging

    After plugging in your vehicle your Wallbox will notify Stekker.app about the new charging session. After receiving this event Stekker will automatically smart charge based on the preferences you set. In example every day before 07:00 AM I would like my car to be at 90%.

    At the start of the charging session you will receive a notification in which you can see the charging schedule. If you need to charge as quickly as possible you can adjust your charging to direct charging by setting the blue bar to the percentage you would like to charge directly.

How to connect your Wallbox with Stekker?

Smart charging with Wallbox is possible when your charger is connected to our partner E-Flux using OCPP. To learn more about what E-Flux can do for you and how to connect your charger to E-Flux visit their website here.

After you have connected your charger with E-Flux you can add it to Stekker by
following the steps in this article.

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